Building Code of Australia’s Amended Lighting Regulations Works Towards Creating Cost- and Energy-Efficient Homes

Written by Stephen Worthington on April 4, 2013

The amended regulations for lighting by the Building Code of Australia that affect Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory took effect during the second half of the year 2011. …Read more

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Apartment Living

Appears there is a large push to increase density on the city, rather than decentralize throughout this very large Country.  Those who have lived in apartments would know that this form of living can have its advantages but  certainly have a lot of disadvantages, 1 being the quarterly levies that are imposed and where that money goes.  Plus you still have to pay rates and taxes that would be required if you lived in a separate standalone residence, add those 2 up and you have a more expensive.  A full analysis is required in my view look at this form of living and why it is just so popular…or is it.

Mandatory rainwater tanks study ‘misguided’ QLD

New home owners will be forced to install rainwater tanks if a proposed Toowoomba Regional Council-funded study proves to the state government that the overall benefits to the local community outweigh the costs. Continue reading

Seven Mistakes That Cost Builders Thousands

Contractors and firms throughout the building and construction industry in Australia are losing thousands of dollars as a result of key mistakes in managing their business, a leading consultant says. Continue reading

Builders the top consumer gripe

Nearly 60 per cent of complaints are about builders, and almost two out of three complaints centre around the tradesperson’s workmanship. Continue reading

A new planning system for NSW

The new planning system will make NSW more competitive by improving decision making, providing more certainty and making it more cost effective to do business in the state. It will focus on people and communities, rather than processes. Communities will have a say in shaping their local area by helping to develop the long-term strategic plans that will set the ground rules for development.  Continue reading

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