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A building consultant is a professional who carries out a varied number of general and specific tasks, varying in size and importance in the building industry, engaged by either party or their representative, those parties seeking a satisfactory outcomes or assistance in on the construction process, prior, during or after the event.

Building consultants are qualified and expertise in a number of areas as listed or may call on associates where greater speciality is required.

Building consultants are there to assist with building issues.

Building consultants are professionals and who are subject to a code of practice which are generally set down by their related accredited body or membership.

Building consultants are called upon to give expert evidence in the courts and consumer traders and tenancy tribunal (cttt) where in conjunction with their own or specialist inspection reports. Building consultants when giving expert evidence are bound to abide by the expert witness code of conduct which is compliant in the relative jurisdiction.

The following definitions are some of those that are carried out on a regular basis and it is important that the building consultant used are familiar, trained, accredited and certified in these areas of expertise.


Contact a professional building consultant for an inspection or advise if you are:

  • building, extending or renovating.
  • obtaining dilapidation report where possible damage related to the new building works may occur.
  • general building advice regarding a proposed commercial or residential project.
  • when you’re having difficulties and disagreements during the construction or finishing process.
  • Require assistance with progress payment, variations and if there are progress payment disagreement.
  • Assistance to clarify building requirements in relation to building code ofaustralia, & australian standards.
  • strata or company property building defects or rectification or maintenance works program.
  • general building and specialist issues.
  • Sinking fund issues
  • Insurance assessments, general and Home owners Warranty issues


Professional building consultants may also be used in many other areas within the building industry such as:

  • insurance assessments;
  • safety inspections and audits
  • ensuring compliance with requirements regarding access to buildings, fire, energy efficient housing, planning and specification developments and council and development applications.
  • asbestos audit.
  • expert witness.
  • energy efficiency
  • dilapidation
  • strata condition report.
  • sinking fund forecast’s

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