19 ways professional building consultants can help you

  1.  Pre-purchase Inspections – residential, commercial & industrial properties
  2.  Quality Inspections and reports.
  3.  Expert Witness – Various Jurisdictions
  4.  Adjudication, such as security of payment
  5.  Strata Work and Special Titles (Owners Corporation)
  6.  Sinking Fund Forecast
  7.  Defects ReportWater Entry
  8.  Insurance Assessment
  9.  Dilapidation Report
  10. Progress Report
  11. Energy Assessment – Nathers Accredited,Efficiency
  12. Contract Administration
  13. PrivateCertification-BuildingApprovals
  14. Heritage Assessment
  15. Accessibility Assessments and Audits
  16. Asbestos Audit
  17. Safety audits
  18. Bush fire Protection Audit
  19. Specialist Trade/Professional Consultant
  • Andre Franklin

    So, what exactly is a dilapidation report? I have heard the term mentioned a few times, but nobody has really explained what it is to me. All I have heard so far is it is some kind of property inspection.
    Andre Franklin | http://www.inspectahomes.com.au/web/dilapidation-reports

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