Non-Compliant Staircase

Staircases in the America or in some of those design shows and books making the room look great but they would not comply to Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia (BCA).  The photo attached in this Post is visually incorrect, make the point that there has been no measurement examination. 

For instance in this photo it shows open risers (means the height between consecutive treads), as to , Risers (other than Spiral) have to be between 190mm max to 115mm min, say for the the matter of this exercise the riser is 180mm.  Also in the requirements is that ” The Riser opening must not allow a 125mm sphere to pass through between the treads”

To Calculate 180mm riser less 125mm = 55mm tread thickness is required, in this photo it is in the consultants view that the tread is not 55mm, therefore not acceptable.  It is common practice to place a thickening bead to the underside of the tread but in this case that can’t be sighted.

In regards to the Balustrade, it appears to be taunt steel bar, but I would suggest it has some flexibility, therefore in the Consultants view the spacing between steel should be no more than 100mm, it is obvious the the gap below the handrail is significantly over that measurement.

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