Still no overhangs

The designs today are still not accepting that Australia’s Climate is one of sun and heat, sure the winter is cooler but this is somewhat recognized by the position of the sun in the winter months, when it is lower and more conjunctive to allowing sun into the house.  The summer months, we are aware can be one of extreme heat and sunlight therefore design of a building should allow for this, providing a method of shading and protection.

Designs today are still not accepting that the verandah or the large eaves are an integral part of achieving this protection required, rather it appears that the designers are more receptive of designing with no eaves or cover and relying on the new glass treatment and designs.  Sure the glass and the frames designs such as double glazing is a great attribute but I would suggest should not be fully relied on.

We are presently seeing some degree of concrete box frames  designs used where some overhangs are present but this generally only to a small section of capacity of the glass, of cause this is also related to the property capacity and the attempt to get full floor space ration and boundary setback allowances.

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