Those buying a residence could save thousands of dollars on their new purchase simply by having a building inspector. say that a trained inspector have the skills to identify such items as corrosion, decay, cracks in masonry and concrete irregular doorways and water entry.

When the purchaser falls in love with the building there opinion sometime becomes somewhat blinded by the fancy aspects such as the kitchen and bathrooms and not being able to see the defects such as waterproof damage from the bathroom or falling ceiling to the kitchen.Its is very important to have a building inspection, with eyes which are not blinded and are independent with emotion removed other than to look for the concerning issues.

If there are problems found during the building inspection costs to repair these items could and should be negotiated between the purchaser and vendor and the sale price adjusted accordingly.

Buying by Auction, these negotiations should be carried out prior to the Auction if possible and the rectification costs must be known to allow for during the bidding process.

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